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Relationship Trauma

You have this fear of trusting others, emotional intimacy becomes difficult, feeling insecure in your relationships, or moving forward from a break up in the past has left you broken. If you are saying YES! this is me, then you may have some unresolved relationship trauma. As humans we genuinely strive for connection and emotional reciprocity when we are being vulnerable with others but what happens when we are emotionally rejected? That moment can traumatize anyone, but especially individuals who do not exercise vulnerability often. What happens is that, as time goes by this individual will most likely struggle in building healthy connections with others, or does not initiate any emotional intimacy with partner because of past relationship trauma.

It is important to begin in processing relationship trauma in order to heal old relationship wounds. Most often an individual who purses a friendship, romantic relationship or any other type of relationship with a wound left untreated will contaminate the other individual involved in the situation.

When this happens, we have a perpetrator and a victim relationship dynamic that constantly poisons others without addressing the trauma that has occurred. Both partners, or friends will move on to another relationship once the dysfunction becomes unmanageable, however the trauma is still unresolved and untreated.

Relationship trauma is real, it impacts how emotionally safe we feel in our dealings with others. Get plugged into therapy and explore your relationship timeline to heal unresolved wounds that can help you move forward in living a fulfilled life with healthy connections.

Happy Healing,

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